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Lion Voice receives emails daily, as Lady Liuwa’s thousands of followers around the world anxiously await the latest news. We are pleased to announce that Lady Liuwa is alive and well. The males, introduced almost two years ago from Kafue National Park, are also faring well and remain Lady’s committed companions.

African Parks reports that the two female lions, also translocated from Kafue, were released from their enclosure on December 1, 2011. The lionesses are adapting to Liuwa Plains, stealing kills from hyenas and hunting small prey in the flooded grasslands. It remains unclear if Lady Liuwa and the young lionesses will form a pride.

When the females were initially placed in the boma, Lady was quick to discover their presence.  She parked herself outside the enclosure, leaving only to hunt. She also acted defensively when the two males approached, as though protective of the newcomers. However, when the females were finally lured out the boma with a wildebeest carcass, Lady reacted aggressively, establishing her dominance.

To date the young lionesses are avoiding Lady and the males. But all five are alive and slowly re-establishing a viable lion population in Liuwa Plain. Herbert Brauer reports that he is on his way back to Zambia and Lady is no longer The Last Lioness.

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