Lady Liuwa Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

Lady Liuwa and Young Lioness. Photo courtesey of Jon Walker

Is Lady Liuwa still alive?

Yes, Lady Liuwa is still alive and well. She has a recurrent limp but otherwise is getting along quite well.

Has Lady Liuwa had cubs?

No, Lady Liuwa has not had cubs. She has been observed mating since the arrival of the translocated males in 2009, but at this point it is not expected she will reproduce.

Has the young lioness had cubs with the remaining male lion?

No cubs yet, but during the spring of 2013 the young lioness appeared pregnant. She also spent a great deal of time in the tall grass north of Matamanene Camp alone, which is consistent with how a lioness about to give birth would behave. However, no cubs were ever observed. It is possible she was pregnant and lost her litter, which is not unsual for a young, first time mother.

I though the young lioness and remaining male were named “Hope” and “Prince”?

Brian Wood of mistakenly claimed that the other lions have been named Hope and Prince. Lion Voice re-posted this information but it is not correct. As of yet, the lions do not have names. Scientists and researchers typically do no name the lions they study. Lady Liuwa is an exception, though her name was more a product of folklore when she was on the only lioness in Liuwa. Unlike Shamu at Sea World, the lions of Liuwa Plain are not mascots, symbols, zoo animals or pets, but wild lions living typical lion lives.


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